X-JToBI:An Intonation Labeling Scheme for Spontaeous Japanese

Kikuo Maekawa 1 , Hideaki Kikuchi 1 , Yosuke Igarashi 2

1 Dept. Language Research, National Institute for Japanese Language
2 Graduate School of Area and Culture Studies, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

Outline of the X-JToBI intonation labeling scheme, the extended version of the J_ToBI, is presented. The main motive for the extension being consisted in its application for spntaneous speech, the following extensions were introduced: 1)Exact match between the time-stamp of tone labels and the timing of physical events, 2)Enlargement of the inventory of Boundary Pitch Movement, 3)Extension and ramification of the usage of Boundary Indices, and 4)Proposal for the labeling of filled-puse and non-lexical penult prominence.