Bell of [Hope] and [Peace]

In spite of the end of the cold war, countries that posses nuclear bomb continues unabated, resulting in a less secure international situation and fear among nation societies as a whole. In recent years, dramatic changes have taken place in the international situation, and mass media offer an increasing extensive coverage of variety of news and event which creates human sufferings to the people of the world. If people secure peace and stability, and are set at a liberty, they try to enlarge their desires for the improvement of living conditions. The confrontation between ethnic groups often results from the issues of different political and religious beliefs.

So many disputes and conflicts have occurred around the world due to national problems. It is really regrettable that many children are involved in the conflict of wars, and dying everyday although authorities concerned stress that the aim of fighting is to make peace. If all people realize the fact that liberty brings with it a number of responsibilities, that in order to secure the equality of mankind, it is necessary to maintain order, and that rights have their duties constitute important conditions for countries to live peacefully, they can find an effective way to prevent war and safeguard peace. I think it is very important for all countries to cooperate in overcoming the difficulty for the establishment of peace and prosperity.

As it is my intention to install the peace bells in all parts of the world which are common to the achievement of peace which is beyond national boundaries and speaking different languages and goes well with manners and customs of people, and strive for the realization of my wish to attain the unity of the people of the world, I would like to ask each of you for your further assistance in this endeavor.

Global world movement for peace which exceeds politics, the religion, the race, and the ideology based on Charter of the United Nations is developed.

The coin and the medal are set up and 106 in the world was offered by the country, and "World Peace Bell" to which copper and alloy are cast is set up in the capital of every country in the world. And The abolition of the nucleus is appealed.

The branch is established in every country in the world.

September 21 for the General Assembly holding period held in September every year is provided, "International Friedenstag", and "Shoda-shiki"(celemony of the bell is stricked) is held as U.N. Secretary-General prays the peaceful world. The World Peace Bell additionally set up in the world is percussed, and global world movement for peace is developed with "Shoda-shiki" of the United Nations in cooperation with the each country branch.

The United Nations Headquaters provided, "International Friedenstag" September 21 every year. That is a result that this society approached the United Nations about General Assembly for many years.

It cooperated very much former U.N. Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali the assistance of this society the activity the director general at the sixth generation. I got the following letters from former U.N. Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali on August 1, 1994.