West Coast Rock


Songs Of Our Times

P.F. Sloan

Released in 1965
Produced by Steve Barri
Label: Dunhill


  1. Sins Of A Family
  2. Take Me For What I'm Worth
  3. What Exactly's The Matter With Me
  4. I'd Have To Be Out Of My Mind
  5. Eve Of Destruction
  6. This Mornin'
  7. I Get Out Of Breath
  8. This Is What I Was Made For
  9. Ain't No Way I'm Gonna Change My Mind
  10. All The Things I Do For You Baby
  11. (Goes To Show) Just How Wrong You Can Be
  12. Carol of the Bells
  13. What Am I Doing Here With You

読者が語る『Songs Of Our Times』

【ウエストコースト・ロックの歴史】 【アーティスト名鑑】 【名盤セレクション】 【音楽と小説の迷宮】


Produced by Minoru Sasaki