Becky! plug-in

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This page introduces plug-ins for Becky! Internet Mail ver.2 and its SDK translated to Delphi.


plugin icon Becky! plug-in SDK for Delphi

Download 2001.06.16)
Becky! Plug-in SDK for Delphi is the translation of Becky! ver.2 Plug-in API and template file from C++ to Borland Delphi.

Zip&attach plug-in for Becky!

Download; ver.1.2)
Zip&attach plug-in adds a new feature to Becky! Internet Mail version 2. You can attach files as zip-compressed form to reduce file size and network load. The compression and attachment can be done simultaneously, so you don't need to run any external compression tools.

For those who want to try new features, BkZip ver.2 beta1 is available. Note that this is still a beta version, so there may be unknown serious bugs.

BkMidi icon MIDI Player plug-in for Becky!

Download; ver.0.31)
If a mail has an attachment of MIDI file, MIDI player plug-in plays it as a BGM immediately when you select the mail.

Random Signature plug-in for Becky!

Download; ver.0.23)
(2001.10.15; ver.0.23e)
Random signature plug-in enables Becky! Internet Mail version 2 to add a signature at random.
NOTICE: Ver.0.23e has only English resource. If you want to use Japanese, please check Japanese page.

What's new in v0.23:
Cursor goes to the top if you add a signature when you start composing a message.