Mitsui Mariko's Profile

Feminist Advocate and Journalist

Permanent address
SOHO: Mariko Mitsuifs Office
Shimorenjaku 4-12-1-204,Mitaka,
Tokyo 181-0013

HOME: Fujimi 3131, Fujimi-cho,Suwagun
Nagano 399-0200


Lecturer of Nordic Studies, Tokai University (present)
Lecturer of Women and Social Change, Tokyo Jogaku-kan University (present)
Director of Center for Gender Equality, Toyonaka, Osaka (2000-2003)
Ombud for Gender Equality at Takefu, Fukui (2002-2004)
Vice President of NPO gWomen's Solidarity Foundationh(1998-2005)
Elected Assemblywoman, Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly (1987-1993)
Teacher of English, Tokyo Metropolitan Senior High School (1978-1987)

Social Activities
Board Member of the Alliance of Feminist Representatives in Japan (1992-present)
Active Member of various womenfs groups (1975-present)
Project Manager, Ibsen Year 2006@ Osaka (2006)
Project Manager, Ombud for Gender Equality in Norway: Lecture by Anne Lise Ryel (2000)
Project Manager, Strategies for Increasing Women in Politics: Lecture by Kristin Halvorsen, Norwegian Politician (1999)
Project Manager, What is Ombud for Gender Equality?: International Symposium with Anne Lise Ryel from Norway (1996)

Publications and others
Founding President of the Alliance of Feminist Representatives in Japan (established in 1992) and also served as a Representative in the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly. During my two term tenure at the Assembly, I was an instrumental figure in the passage of bills benefiting women, including the establishment of the first sexual harassment complaint hotline publicly funded in Japan. In 2000, I was hired as the founding director of a city-sponsored Gender Equality Center in Toyonaka, Osaka, and was dismissed from the position as a result of intense backlash from a far right-wing political group and far right-wing politicians. To appeal this injustice to society and to win an order for compensation, I filed a lawsuit against the city in the Osaka District court 2004. 40 women lawyers have formed a strong team for the plaintiff.

My many published books include: Women Can Do It!: published by Norwegian Labour Party Women (2004, Kamogawa Publishing Ltd., translation ), Cross Men Out!: Women's Coup in Norway (1999, Mainichi Newspaper Publishing Ltd.), Mom, Minister and Papa at Home : Public Policies for Gender Equality in Europe (1995, Akashi Shoten), Sexual Harassment in Japan (1994, Shueisha), Pink Power in Politics: Women Change Politics in the World (1992, Sanseido). Cross Men Out!: Women's Coup in Norway is highly evaluated as a pioneering book for Norwegian politics.

My numerous published articles include: gWomen 37.4% of Local Politicians in Norwayh (JANJAN: Internet Newspaper, Sep.23, 2007), gA Wedding Party in a Norwegian Community 1,2,3h (Monthly Magazine: We, Oct., Nov., Dec. 2005), gVisitors from Norway: Womenfs@Center, Nowh (Chugoku Newspaper,@Jan.18,2004), gOmbud Works:@Norway as a Country of Gender Equalityh (Fukui Newspaper, Oct.11,2003), gWhat We Learn from Nordic Countriesh (A VAXA, April 15,2003), gWomen Should be 40% on the Board, Norwayh (Nihon Keizai Newspaper, Sep.14, 2002), gWomenfs Museum in Norwayh (Many Local Newspapers though Associated Press, Japan, October,2001), gCountry Where Women Can Decide their Life by Themselvesh (Hygge, Autumn, 2001), gQuota System in Norwayh (Kyoto Newspaper, May 12, 2000), gNorwegian Parliament: Gentle for Young Mothersh (Kyoto Newspaper, May 11, 2000), gNorwegian Municipal Council of Women Consist Over 60%h (Tokyo Newspaper, March 9, 2000).

The web site titled Mariko Mitsuifs World is the summarized world news focused on issues on women:

Received Master of Arts from Columbia University in NY,USA, while studying as a Fulbright Scholar.

One samboer (Kazuo Okuma ), and two cats (Luna, Rico)

(as of January,2008)





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