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Sakon Shima

Sakon Shima
Sakon Shima

Sakon Shima was one of the most famous warrior and strategist in his era.  After his master Junkei Tsutsuifs death, he once retired. But soon,being offered an extraordinarily generous and polite proposal, he decided to serve Mitsunari Ishida.  Ishida offered almost half of his income to invite Shima as the commander in chief.  People used to tease, gIshida has two things which he does not deserve, one is Sakon Shima, the other, SawayamaCastle. But Ishida lost the decisive battle to Ieyasu Tokugawa, ending up as a rebel and being executed.  Though Shima fought fiercely in that losing battle, he died in battlefield of Sekigahara, together with his two sons.  There are many unknown parts in Shimafs carrrer, including the birthplace and the clan he came from, or accurate age at death.