Japan mime studio 本文へジャンプ

Art of Mime

By using the body and gestures, mime expresses everything deeper than spoken or written words. Hiroyasu Sasaki creates expressions that suit the Japanese body and soul based on the corporal mime that he studied with Etienne Decroux and the realism mime that he learned from Bella Reine in Paris (1965~) Sasaki also incorporates Japanese traditional arts such as Noh, Kyogen, Bunraku, Kabuki, and Japanese dance in his unique style. Sasaki teaches basic mime where students train each part of the body Students also learn emotional expression, gravitation, tension and flexibility, breathing, the sense of space, rhythm, balance, pliability, timing, walking, and a variety of characters. They also study Japanese dance, Buto, Tai-chi, and Karate for unique and deeper expression on stage.
They observe and contemplate feelings, personality, life, society, nature, and the universe. Sasaki’s performances are realistic, symbolic, or abstract, pursuing ways of expressing deep emotions that cannot be explained with words.

Hiroyasu Sasaki Profile

Tokyo in 1939 and majored in Performing Arts at Meiji University.
He studied mime with Hironobu Oikawa and modern dance with Kazuo Ohno from 1958 to 1965.
He went to Paris in 1965 to study corporal mime with Etienne Decroux, and, in the summers, also studied "real mime"according to the Stanislavsky Method as taught by the distinguished Bella Reine.
After returning to Japan he took over the Japan Mime Studio, and has worked unceasingly for over 50 years to promote mime and train aspiring mime artists.

1993 (France) Theatre du Temps in Paris
1994 (Japan) Edo-Tokyo Hakubutsukan Hall in Tokyo
1995 (Japan) Asian Mime Fest in Tokyo
1996 (Japan) Studio Kinshicho in Tokyo 
1998 (Japan) TV show " Daredemo Picasso " with Marcel Marceau
1999 (Japan) 40th anniversary TheaterTram in Tokyo
2001 (France) Embassy of Japan in Paris
2002 (France) Bertin-Poiree in Paris
    (Germany) Ballhaus in Berlin / Wasserschloss Klaffenbach in Chemnitz     
2003 (Korea) International Mime Festival in Chuncheon   
    (France) Festival in Avignon Theatre de la Danse Golvine   
    (France) Bertin-Poiree in Paris
2004 (Japan) Meguro parsimmon Hall in Tokyo
2005 (Romania) the National Theatre Radu Stanca in Sibiu
           Cassandora in Bucharest
    (Greece) International Puppet theatre and and Mime Festival of Kilkis
    (Italy) The Japan Cultural Institute in Rome (The Japan Foundation)
2006 (Japan) Edo-Tokyo Hakubutsukan Hall in Tokyo
2007 (U.K) Chapter in Wales (Framces) Bertin poireein paris
2009 Europe tour"The 50th anniversary of mime Hiroyasu SASAKI